Quick Guide to Plymouth Student Housing Areas

Your Quick Guide to Plymouth Student Housing Areas

Finding somewhere to live as a student who may be new to an area can be daunting which is why this quick guide to Plymouth student housing will help.

It’s important to understand the types of houses available and the areas where students in Plymouth tend to live – if you have only lived in halls of residence previously.

This will mean that your enjoyment, and the success of your studies while living in Plymouth will improve because you will be living in a quality student home with great friends.

Here, we look at the most popular areas for Plymouth student housing.

Student houses in Plymouth

While there are lots of student houses in Plymouth, one of the most popular areas is Greenbank.

Located close to the University and the city centre means there is a lot of student housing available, but it can be pricey when compared to other student areas.

There are lots of quality purpose-built student halls with en suite facilities available here, plus flats and rooms.

Located close to Drake Circus, Plymouth’s largest shopping centre, the train station is also close by.

Also, there are student bars and restaurants in Greenbank and its close proximity to the University of Plymouth campus means that university and Student Union organised events and activities are easy to access.

Cheaper student accommodation in Plymouth

For cheaper student accommodation in Plymouth, then you should be looking at Lipson and Mutley.

Both of these areas are less expensive but are further away from the University campus.

However, like Greenbank, these are established student neighbours with student bars, shops, and cafes available.

Public transport from Lipson and Mutley is plentiful and regular and just about everything a student will need is found a short walking distance away.

Of the two areas, Mutley offers more amenities and activities with pubs and fast-food chains.

Wide range of student properties

Plymouth is home to a wide range of student properties including halls, flats and student houses with nice communal areas.

And with more than 20,000 students moving to Plymouth for their studies, they get to enjoy a thriving student scene plus a city steeped in maritime history.

There’s no doubt that the process of finding quality student homes in Plymouth can be a scary undertaking, so it’s wise to carry out some research beforehand.

You also need to carefully choose who you will be spending the next year living with – and check the tenancy agreement carefully.

For those who want to learn more about quality Plymouth student housing and where the best place to live will be, then you need to contact the friendly Student Homes in Plymouth team who will be more than happy to help.

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