Breno Cancellieri – The Cottage – Julie and Sam were by far the best landlords that I’ve ever had whilst my 4 year stay in plymouth – and honestly after my final year it left me wishing I was their tenant from my first day at university. Rating – 10 – Added – September 2019

Luis Tome – The Cottage – The best landlords I’ve ever had. Julie and her family are amazing. Legitimately the most helpful people I’ve ever rented student accommodation from. Any problem is solved quickly and they were kind enough to provide storage for my things over the summer which was honestly a life-saver. Rating – 10 – Added – September 2019

Jennifer Udall – 15 Kensington Road -On my first day at the property I text Julie by accident thinking she was my mum (As they share the same name) asking for gardening tools the next day, a packet of brand-new gardening tools turned up at our house. If we ever needed to contact them about something they sorted it straight away, e.g replacing our microwave when it stopped working. It’s a shame that they dont have any properties in Bristol as I don’t think I will ever find landlords as nice and helpful. – Rating – 10 – Added – September 2019

Sarah Ireson – 43 Connaught Avenue — The Harris family were my landlords for two years. They provide outstanding service to all their tenants and any issues with that arise with their properties are dealt with swiftly and professionally. The family are friendly, kind and always easy to reach. -Rating – 10 – Added – September 2019

Marlon – 4 Marlborough Road – Julie, Sam and Stuart were the best landlords throughout our uni experience. They were always very quick to sort out any problems, very apologetic and always made sure we weren’t inconvenienced. They checked we were all okay regularly and very understanding of any problems, not that there were many. – Rating – 10 – Added – November 2018

Tantoo – 4 Marlborough Road – Julie, Sam and Stuart were the best landlords I’ve ever had. They fixed every problem more or less the same day we reported it. Really nice and approachable people. Would definitely recommend to anyone! – Ratimg – 10 – Added – October 2018

Sophie Parsons – 14 HPR – We had an amazing year at Hyde Park, the house is perfect and Julie and Sam are the perfect landlords. They are attentive, helpful and some of the loveliest people as well. Thank you both for a lovely year, we appreciate all you’ve done, wish we could have stayed another year!- Rating 10 – Added October 2018

Mbemba – 5 Pentillie Crescent – This landlord is an outstanding landlord and her properties are outstanding. Rating 10 – Added November 2018

Amy Stock – 30 FPR – The landlords are excellent! They are very quick to respond to any issues, all their properties are well kept and in good condition.Rating – 10 – Added October 2018

Adeola Ogaunsanya- 30 NRE – Excellent Accommodation and very safe to live – Rating – 10 – Added – October 2018

Patricia – These are honestly the best landlords I have had in Plymouth. They were brilliant from day one, giving me a lift to view the property. They were helpful throughout my lengthy stay with them and always responded to any calls or emails immediately. You can tell they work hard- their houses are always kept up to notch and they take interest in their tenants needs and in the tenants themselves. And they try to crack down on cleanliness, which I appreciated though this was a difficult task in our 10 bedroom house! The downstairs flat is really spacious and amazing, if you have a chance at it, take it. Strongly recommended 🙂

Shemma Hunt – I really enjoyed living at connaught avenue, the landlords were great and helped with any problems we have,only one real bad comment any appliences in the house replaced were smart price items that didnt work very well, but apart from that absolutley brilliant !!! would 100% reccomend them everytime thank you julie and Stewart

Ben Dakin – Although a small room this was mad better by Stuart and Julie kindly providing new furniture to make better use of the space. They are friendly and approachable and I hope to have a house with them again when I return to uni next year.

Kate Varcoe – I lived in Connaught for my 3rd year of my degree, met some amazing new house mates and the landlords were fantastic. Any problems, they will always sort out with a smile. They are so friendly and the house is awesome. You could’nt find better landlords if you tried, they are like my Plymouth parents. I loved it so much I am back again this year in the same house and room for my Postgrade. Be lucky to live in one of their houses!

Claudia – Julie and Stuart, are lovely landlords. really helpfully and not just after your money! the house was lovely, clean and well equipped and if there was ever a problem Julie and Stuart were always straight round there to solve the problem or replace whatever had broke!

Fiona Bee – Stayed in this room over the summer 2008, had received a placement at last minute, and had to find a room fast. Julie and Stuart were very accommodating, and since i was on my own, made me feel like i was at home. Julie and stuart are such nice landlords, very friendly and approachable. Had such an amazing stay, house was in very good condition, room looked brand new, and pricing was very reasonable. Wish i was staying, a good house always makes the student experience, and drunken nights, better.

Kerry and Nic – Really enjoyed living in this amazing house, the location is fantastic, really close to uni and the shops. Julie and Stuart were wonderful, always around if you need anything. Thank you both for a great summer!

Rob Rijkers – 52 NRE was really a good place to live. Close to Uni, city and everything you need. Julie and Stuart were really helpful and I would really recommend them to everyone who would consider living in PLymouth!

Chris Blackmore – The landlords were fantastic throughout the year, as was the room and house i was situated in. Any problems were promptly dealt with by the friendliest landlords you could ask for! Living at 43 Connaught with Stuart and Julie as landlords made my second year experience at Plymouth University THAT much better, and i couldn’t be happier with the service, communication and hospitality that these landlords provide.

Vanessa Gutowski-Smith – Julie and Sam are brilliant landlords. Quick to sort out any issues as there is no middleman, very reasonable rent and brilliant communication. No issues at all, 100% would recommend and would definitely be renting from Julie and Sam again. Thank you for stressfree easy renting.

Andrew Hitchman – Julie and Stuart are fantastic landlords. Any problems and they would be there to help you solve the problem. The house i lived in was very well maintained. Great landlords!! Thank you

Katy Hitchman – Julie and Stuart make you feel so comfortable during your stay – it’s like having an extra set of parents at hand! They are lovely and the house is amazing and so close to everything – can’t go wrong!

James Hoiwe – I have really enjoyed living here. Close to everything which is always a bonus. Julie and Stuat look after there houses and tentents extremly well and if there is anything wrong will sort in as quickly as possible.

Lesley Craig – This is my third year living in this house and I have really enjoyed renting from this landlord and lady, they have really spoilt us! Any problems and they are on to them straight away. The house itself is in great condition, and is close to all the local amenities. I would most definately recommend them to everyone.

nathan reeves – I cant explain how great these two landlord and lady really are! I’ve lived in ford park road for 2 years and the accommodation really is first class. Everything you need is nearby – uni, shops and bars etc. They have looked after us all really well, they’re friendly, very attentive and even the smallest problems there on it straight away.

Richard Dudman – I lived in the property for 2 years and it really is an excellent house in a perfect location but Julie and Stuart made a real difference when they became landlords in my final year. They couldnt do enough to help and they always turned up with a smile. It definitely helped during my busy 3rd year schedule! Thanks guys!!!!

Antony Gilbert – Julie and Stuart have been absolutely faultless landlords. They are always available and friendly and any help needed was always dealt with efficiently. Lovely people and excellent properties. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Flo Mavin – Fantastic, friendly, lovely people. Any problems were dealt with efficiently and immediately. I lived here for 2 years- right next to mutley- massive house!

Rachael Robinson – I have lived in 2 of their properties,4 marlborough road and 28 ford park road and both accomodations were first class.Julie and Stuart are the best, they look after you as one of thier own. They understand students and are always willing to help anytime u call on them. Both houses i lived in were well maintained and had all the thing to make my stay very comfortable. Thanks Julie and stuart for all the help.

Adam Millward – The House was brilliant, landlords very helpful, friendly, quick to respond and fair. Rent was very good and the building well suited and comfortable.

Patrick Clark – Perfect Accommodation-Perfect Landlords Julie and Stuart offer excellent accommodation at more than fair prices and are always there to offer friendly advice and help. I enjoyed my stay at 30 North Road East and they even played along with a long distance April fool prank on one of my house mates during the Easter holidays. I will defiantly be looking for accommodation from them again when I come back to further my studies,…so leave a room for me!!! Fully Recommended, they are class!!

Chris Bate – I have rented two different houses from Julie and Stuart and both were excellent. Really helpful landlords and very good locations. Good value, far better than going through an agency! I would highly recommend it!

Louise D – Julie and Stuart were brilliant landlords, the best I ever met in Plymouth. I loved the flat too and would have stayed longer if I could have! I would definitely recommend the flat and the landlords to anyone!

Aswin Sundaram – They are the best landlords I have ever met. When I think of them, the one word that comes to my mind is “genuine”. I was on a short term stay for 3 months. The property is better than you expect. I would not think twice to say yes if its “Julie and Stuart”.

James Willoughby – I stayed at this propery for two years. It is in an excellent position very close to the town and the university. Julie and Stuart were very friendly and always on hand if we needed anything. They even helped when I had a problem with the cable TV company after I had left the property to ensure that I did not have to pay extra money and I was very impressed with this.

Ed – Julie & Stuart were always easy to get hold of and prompt at addressing any issues. I consider this house to have been a good find!

Nathan Herod – Stayed here for 2 years and is was great. Stuart and Julie were always there when needed and the property was really well kept. Great location as well.

Sarah Auffret – The house is well equiped, clean, in a great location…and Julie&Stuart are friendly and reliable!

Melanie Bouyer – I stayed there two years and only left to live with my boyfriend.Came back a year later to the same room.It was a great house to live in and Julie and Stuart both look after their houses and tenants really well, fixing or replacing anything that’s needed really quickly.The best landlords I ever had(out of 6!)

Rich Hewitt – I have really enjoyed living here. It’s close to eveything…shops, Uni, Clubs and pubs. The landlord and lady have looked after us really well and are super fast if anything is ever needed. Thumbs up from me!

Georgia – I stayed in Kensington Rd throughout my third year and the house was perfect! The bedrooms were spacious and beautifully decorated, brand new carpets and dishwasher as well as an amazing washer and tumble dryer! To top it off the landlords were brilliant- they went above and beyond. Such lovely individuals.

Kerry and Nic – Really enjoyed living in this amazing house, the location is fantastic, really close to uni and the shops. Julie and Stuart were wonderful, always around if you need anything. Thank you both for a great summer!

Danielle Richardson – Lovely landlords, very kind and prompt to replace things. Everything was in good working order and too a high standard. Would definitely recommend. 🙂

Richard Massingham – I really enjoyed living here for a year. The property is nice, spacious and has the bonus of being really close to uni. It’s great value for money and Julie, Sam and Stuart are brilliant. They are extremely kind, and will sort anything out immediately. It’s very reassuring to have such caring, reliable landlords who seem to know everyone personally too. I would definitely stay in another property owned by them, and would recommend to anyone. Thank you for a great year!

Matt Kershaw – Julie, Stuart and Sam combine to make excellent landlords! Their houses are maintained extremely well, with minimum fuss should anything need repairing/replacing. They have made the accommodation aspect of University as simple as I could have asked for, leaving my studies to be my main concern. Many thanks for your incredible high standards!

Sam Jones – I rented Room 8 for my final year at uni. I couldn’t have asked for more caring and decent landlords. As for the property, certainly good value, comfortable and I felt it had a real ‘homely’ vibe- having 2 kitchens was a huge positive! Julie is hospitable, acoommodating and very understanding with all matters. Sam was always there with any maintenance issues as was Stuart and Julie. As for the commute to uni, It’s 5 mins (and I’m a slow walker!) I’m hoping to spend my final placement in another one of their houses (a sure sign I feel very happy they have been my landlords).

Daniel – Best accommodation I have had to this date! Quick repairs on anything that is damaged. Very friendly compared to others the landlords felt like actual people and not just a business, excellent price for what you get (I had a massive room). I find myself missing this accommodation still.

Natalie Mcgreevy – I lived in one of Julies properties for the final months of my degree after a terrible experience with a previous letting agency. Julie was extremely helpful in the entrie moving process, to the point of actually helping me move my belongings into the address for free. I was grateful for this help, as it is incredibly hard to find a moving van half way through University. The house was up to a great standard and the company put a lot of work into making their tennats happy. They were also no ‘hidden fees’ you find with other student homes either or delays on repairs being done. I would highly rate Julie’s homes to any other student.

April Lander – I have lived in Houndiscombe for 2 years and it has been an amazing experience. Julie and Stuart have been an absolute joy to have as a landlords as they are so quick to respond to any problems or requests. If anything is out of place Julie is only a text away and the problem gets sorted very quickly. Sam is always on the job if any maintenance issues occur and it is always a top priority to get things fixed. The location is brilliant being only minutes from the university. Julie and Stuart are star landlords and if I was in need for more accommodation in Plymouth they are at the top of my list!

Amy – I have lived in Houndiscombe for two years, and Julie and family really helped make my university experience amazing. The way they look after their houses and tenants made me feel very welcome, and I am very sad to be leaving their property. They are efficient, friendly, approachable landlords who go above and beyond to ensure their tenants’ feel at home, particularly with Sam who was always there if we encountered any problems. If I was to return to plymouth, there is no doubt in my mind I would choose Student Homes in Plymouth to be my landlords. Thank you for a wonderful two years.

Matt – I’ve stayed in 52 for 2 years an can’t fault Julie and Stuart. Any problems were very quickly dealt with. The house was so close to everything you would ever need in the city.

Kaeli J – I have had the pleasure of living in Julie and Stuart’s houses for 2 years and can say that I have never had better landlords. The houses are very well kept and if anything needs fixing they are very quick to get it done. I would highly recommend them!! 10 out of 10!!

Elizabeth – I think I struck gold finding this house! Nice and spacious, modern kitchen and bathroom – with a wonderful shower! The house had no issues, and anything that needed doing Julie, Stuart or Sam popped over and sorted with no fuss. They even bought us light bulbs when we didn’t need them, just in case we should. This house is so close to Mutley, bus routes, the train station and uni. Couldn’t fault the house or the landlords at all. Great communication between us and them.

Ellie Bown – I have spent two years at this address and I am very sad to leave! An absolutely beautiful flat – well-maintained, lots of space, close to Uni, the shops and the city centre, with everything you could need as a student and more. Julie and Stuart have been fantastic and have taken very good care of the flat. They are always helpful and friendly, and they are happy to deal with any issues very quickly. Definitely the best landlord and landlady that I have experienced. Never thought I would be so lucky as to find such amazing Uni accommodation!

Kyle Rowe – Lived there for 2 amazing years with my best friends and Julie and Stu were fantastic landlords who always dealt with any problem immediately and were friendly and reliable. Fantastic house and location, highly recommended for future years.

Joel – Had a great experience living here, the location was perfect – 10 mins from uni and 3 mins to Mutley plain. Excellent facilities – modern kitchen and bathroom with a great shower! Decent sized rooms. Excellent landlords – no issues, and were great at sorting any issue we faced even at weekends! Cannot fault the property or the landlords! So definitely a great all round experienced and highly recommended.

Joe Bently – Great house, Great landlords. Any issue which we has were sorted immediately, such as a replacement drier being fitted the next day. Always helpful, even came and let us in when we were locked out. Couldn’t ask for better!

Harriet – The house has been fantastic, a great home for two years. Julie and Stuart are lovely and have been amazing landlords, very easy to contact and quick to sort out any problem. I would highly recommend them and the house, I have really enjoyed living here 🙂

Nina – best student house i have ever had! landlord and landlady are the loveliest people. BIg bedrooms and really nice living room with big tv and sofas. House is also in a great location. If you need a house this is the one!

Himesh Kollure – This was the best student house I have had. It’s deceptively large inside, has great facilities, a whopping big TV and comfy sofas in the lounge, and the rooms were all a brilliant size. Julie and Stu are incredible landlords, always helpful, and dedicated to their work. They popped around to the house freakishly quickly if ever there was a problem. Since moving to Exeter I have struggled to find a house or landlords as brilliant as you guys. Julie and Stu, you spoilt us!

Abi Barrett – Having lived at Hyde Park Road for 2 years, I found Julie and Stu and exceptional landlords. They are friendly, easy to contact and deal with any issues promptly and professionally. The house was in excellent condition, was very comfortable and in an ideal location. Highly recommended!

Aaron – Julie and Stuart are likely to be the best landlords I’ll ever have! During the course of the 4 years they have been my landlords they have simply been brilliant, any problems are quickly rectified and they do their utmost to maintain and improve the standard of their student accommodation. I would strongly recommend them to any Plymouth based student!!

Lucy Carthew – Such excellent landlords! Extremely helpful and only ever a phone call away. My housemates and I have been very happy with the house and would certainly recommend Julie and Stuart to everybody! Thanks for all your help!!

Lianne La Touche – Excellent landlords, excellent accommodation, and excellent location. Julie and Stuart are incredible landlords, helpful and kind. Couldn’t of asked for better landlords. Julie even attended our fashion show, was always supported. location is amazing, close to uni, college, shops, etc, everything is in walking distance. highly recommended, you wont be disappointed. Thanks again Julie and Stuart

Twishika Daley – Julie & Stuart are heaven sent. They were very hospitable. If there were any problems that arose they quickly sorted them out. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They were very supportive to whatever I had going on in my course and even attended an event. Definitely and 10/10 from me. I’d reccommend them to anyone.

Clare, Sophie and Hayley – Julie and Stuart were fantastic landlords. Any problems that arose with the house were sorted very quickly and they were easily contactable for queries. The house was very well furnished and maintained. We are very much missing living there this year!

Robert Simmonds – Julie and Stuart are so kind and considerate to each student, they are close to the perfect landlords, they do not bother you unless they have to and if you need anything it is sorted out asap, nothing is too much trouble. What i liked about them the most was their ability to treat each student individually and know what situation we were in, too often we are all tarred with the same brush – so Thankyou, oh and the room was the best i had stayed in, beautiful sunsets and close to uni.

Vanessa Gutowski-Smith – Julie and Sam are brilliant landlords. Quick to sort out any issues as there is no middleman, very reasonable rent and brilliant communication. No issues at all, 100% would recommend and would definitely be renting from Julie and Sam again. Thank you for stressfree easy renting.

Amy Stephens – Very professional yet friendly landloards. Nothing was ever too much trouble whilst renting off them during my last two years at uni.

Kate Langrick – We used Julie, Sam and Stuart over two years that we were in Plymouth staying in two of their houses! I couldn’t of wanted better landlords hence after loosing one of our housemates second year we were keen to move into one of their smaller properties. If we ever had a problem they would be there as soon as possible to attend to the issue and promptly get it sorted! Super friendly with your best interest at heart would definitely recommend.

Annie Roseveare – The accommodation at Connaught Avenue is highly recommended for its large bedrooms and the new kitchen and lounge diner. All the rooms have high ceilings and are kitted out with all you need. The location is perfect for access to university, shops and drinks. The landlords are friendly, helpful and efficient in fixing any problem, no matter how small. I would highly recommend them to any student that is looking for friendly landlords and affordable accommodation.

Eliza Eakin –  I lived in 20 Houndiscombe Road for 2 years, it is very spacious with great bedrooms, well fitted kitchens and super easy access to the uni campus. Julie was brilliant, always there to help and nothing was too much of a problem. I would 10/10 recommend this to anyone looking for a student house.

Matthew Pacey-Adair – Excellent house, extremely close to University and city Center. Amazing Landlords would recommend to everyone.

Marianne Wright – Fantastic landlord! If ever there was a problem, it would get fixed immediately and we’d be informed in advance if maintenance came round. Julie especially is a lovely person – for example, she gave our house chocolate at Christmas time, installed a bike shed for our housemates that needed to their bikes, and so on. The house was clean when we moved in and a good area, too. Fully recommend! 🙂

Andrei Carausu –  Great place to live in, very good price for this area,amazing location – 5min away from the university,spacious rooms and good internet speed. Julie and Sam are lovely landloards,friendly and always helpful. I definitely recommend this place.

Nikki and Max – We lived in both 4 and 4a Marlborough Road. Both properties were in really great condition and we loved living in them! Julie and Stuart are brilliant- really approachable and helpful. Couldn’t ask for any more! I highly recommend both properties, especially the flat!