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Tips When Viewing Student Accommodation Plymouth

When it comes to viewing student accommodation Plymouth there are various tips that those wanting to share a home for their studies should take on board.

The first step is to choose who their housemates are going to be with care and careful consideration.

That’s because while someone may be great fun in halls of residence, it’s a different matter altogether when they are holding late-night parties or causing noise and disruption when other students want to study.

However, the group will also then need to begin scouting the potential student that are available and put together a wish list of things they want and, probably, more importantly, the things they do not want.

For instance, they will need the student house to be close to the campus so they don’t have to spend a long time traveling from across town to get to their lectures.

While many student groups will sign up after viewing the first house they look at, it is important that they take their time and come to an informed decision.

Snap up Plymouth student accommodation quickly

Plymouth student accommodationThere’s no need to feel rushed and despite what people may say that they need to move quickly to snap up Plymouth student accommodation quickly, this may not be the best tactic to pursue.

There is plenty of choice in Plymouth for student accommodation and most of it is of a good quality.

This means students can take their time to find a house that they not only like but meets their needs as well at a price they can afford.

Another important tip for students looking for student homes in Plymouth is to take everyone who is likely to be living in the property to the viewing.

It’s no good just a few of those students turning up to inspect the property and like what they see and for the people who did not turn up to hate it. This will be the cause of conflict and fall out.

It’s also important that students take notes and photographs of the property when viewing it so they can remember its good points when discussing which home they would like to sign up for.

Student lets Plymouth

By keeping notes and photographs, those undertaking the viewing will also know which student lets Plymouth they do not like and why which will help their future search.

Another tip when it comes to viewing properties is that the student should ask the current tenants about the house and what the landlord is like.

It’s important that the landlord responds quickly to issues over maintenance and isn’t simply someone who collects the rent and is never seen again.

Some properties will be managed through a letting agent and it’s important that the students know how to contact someone in an emergency and get on with the agents.

Attractions for signing up for a student property in Plymouth with an agent

 student lets PlymouthOne of the attractions for signing up for a student property in Plymouth with an agent is that the students will be reassured that the tenancy will be ‘by the book’.

This means that complaints and maintenance issues will be dealt with properly and there will always be someone to contact in an emergency.

More importantly, the agent will have an office the students can attend should there be a problem and most agents will be welcoming and professional; avoid those that are not.

Also, when looking at nice big properties in Plymouth for students, the potential housemates also need to calculate what the potential bills for their new home will be; this may have a big impact on the property they eventually choose.

All students will be working on a budget and it is important that they work out how much their potential utility and broadband bills are going to be so they are not overstretched during their studies.

Tips that students should be aware of when looking at properties

Other tips that students should be aware of when looking at properties is to look at the condition of the outside and inside; are there loose tiles on the roof and is the garden in good condition?

In addition, they will also need to keep an eye out for the state of decor, damp and mould and what the security is like, for instance, are the door locks secure?

Indeed, this question of security is important because in areas that have lots of student housing means they are, unfortunately, very popular with burglars so students need to bear security in mind. This means closing windows when not at home and locking doors when they go to lectures.


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