Student Homes in Plymouth

Tips When Moving into Student Homes in Plymouth

It’s an exciting landmark in every student’s life and these tips for moving into student homes in Plymouth will help!

You can always call the friendly Student Homes in Plymouth team if you are worried about something or need to check what you should do.

The day before you move in

Organise the collection of your keys from the landlord and make sure you have their contact details handy.  You should also:

  • Make sure you have the phone number of all your new housemates stored in your phone
  • Re-read, print and pack a copy of your tenancy agreement – student properties usually have a specific type of contract 
  • Check that your bank account is set up and ready to pay the first monthly rent installment
  • Not many student homes in Plymouth have space for more than one car if any. Consider carefully the choice to bring yours as public transport in the city is convenient and cheap. If you do decide to bring your car then make sure that you have paid for any parking permits that may be needed. The traffic warden won’t be sympathetic to ‘I forgot!’. Visitors to your home may also need a permit
  • Ask the landlord for an inventory of what will be in the property when you arrive
  • Make sure that you have seen the Gas Safety Certificate. This is important to ensure you are moving into a safe property and student houses to let in Plymouth are legally required to have them

Before moving in you should have set up the utilities such as energy, water, and broadband. You don’t want to be stuck without power and internet for the first two weeks.

On the big day!

When viewing student flats to rent and houses, it’s possible you won’t move into your choice of a home until many months later. Make sure you do a thorough check of the property on the day you move in.  You should:

  • Take photos of each room
  • Take photos of and take careful note of any damage, marks or stains on the walls, carpets, and furniture
  • Tell your landlord of what you have done so that you won’t be blamed for any issues that existed when you moved in
  • Check the inventory you have been given and take note of any items that are missing. Inform your landlord so you won’t be accused of stealing a chair that wasn’t even there when you moved in.

As mentioned, if you have any queries or you would like to find quality student homes in Plymouth then you need to speak the experts!

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