Student Houses in Plymouth

Tips to Find Quality Student Houses in Plymouth

If you are looking to find quality student houses in Plymouth then these tips will help in your search.

Firstly, it’s important that you deal with a reputable student property firm who are long established and deliver excellent levels of customer service, so working with Student Homes in Plymouth will be of great help.

Generally, it will be second and third-year university students looking for somewhere to live with their friends which brings us to the first important tip.

Choose your housemates carefully

It’s important that you choose people to share student accommodation in Plymouth that you get along with but be aware of wanting to share your home with someone who might be hilarious during lectures as this might not be the person you want to be living with if they are bringing their friends home at 3 am.

Be connected

It’s also important that you choose a student property that has a good broadband connection because for many students it’s an important facility. You’ll need to decide on the download speeds so it’s probably best that you opt for an uncapped data allowance and fast speeds so everyone can access the Internet without any lag. Also, take note of any student broadband deal length as some will be for 12 months when you may only be in the property for nine or 10 months.

Consider your location

Most Plymouth student housing is located close to the University so the location of where you want to live will be key. In addition to being close to the University, you will be able to walk to your friend’s homes, local pubs and cafes and other student attractions, including the student union.


It’s a sad statistic that student areas tend to suffer from burglaries so you should choose a student property with sound security features to keep you safe when you are in your home and also when you are at lectures. Always remember to close windows and lock doors.

Organise your bills

This final tip is just as important as finding a property that you all like and want to live in and it’s important you have the ‘money conversation’ as soon as possible. That’s because deciding how to pay your bills such as the electricity, gas, and water could lead to arguments and a major fallout. Avoid this by agreeing whose name should go on which bills, or perhaps you would like all of your names on a bill so you are all responsible for paying it or you could use a bill splitting service.

Essentially, if you want to find quality student houses in Plymouth, then you need to speak with the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

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