Plymouth Student Accommodation

Tips On Finding Great Plymouth Student Accommodation

It might appear to be a daunting prospect: having to find friends to live with and then find great Plymouth student accommodation when it appears everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

The first tip is not to panic since there is a good supply of quality student homes available, and the second tip is to speak with those who understand the market and have access to these homes, which means speaking with the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

Other tips for finding student accommodation include considering carefully who you are going to live with; someone who might be great fun in first-year lectures maybe not so much fun when holding parties at 3 am.

The next tip is to consider what type of property you need, how many bedrooms and whether it has a strong and reliable Internet connection. This last point will be crucial since everyone in the property will need connectivity.

The next step when looking for student homes is to consider the old mantra, ‘Location, location, location’.

Student Accommodation Plymouth Locations

That’s because while you could live on the outskirts of Plymouth to save money on the rent, most of your friends will be living in traditional student accommodation Plymouth locations such as North Hill, Greenbank, and the city centre.

Also, these areas tend to be close to the university campus where you’ll need to attend lectures and it might be a welcome opportunity to be a short walk away – rather than rely on public transport.

Another important tip is probably something most students will not consider and that’s the security of their student accommodation.

While this may be an unwelcome topic to cover, your personal safety and security are important and there’s no hiding from the fact that heavily populated student areas are also popular with burglars.

Having security in place and locks on the windows will bring peace of mind.

Moving into student lets Plymouth

Other tips you’ll need to understand before moving into student lets Plymouth is that it’s important that you read through and understand the tenancy agreement because it is a legal contract you must abide by.

The most important aspect is you will agree to pay the rent in full and on time, so you’ll need to budget effectively to ensure this happens.

You will also need to set money aside to pay for the bills such as gas and electricity as well as having money to pay for course books and going to the pub.

There’s no doubt that going to university is an exciting time in someone’s life and there is the potential for making lifelong friends and enjoying great memories and if you need more tips on finding great Plymouth student accommodation, or simply want to deal with a reputable firm, then the team at Student Homes in Plymouth are available to help.

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