Best Plymouth Student Accommodation

Our Guide To The Best Plymouth Student Accommodation

Choosing your degree subject is just one decision to make and you will be needing quality Plymouth student accommodation for your three years of study, and this is our guide to finding it.

While some students will opt to live in private student accommodation from the very beginning, others will be looking for somewhere to live after, for example, they leave the University of Plymouth accommodation halls.

While there are various student housing companies in Plymouth, it’s worth speaking with a well-established student housing team with a great reputation. That’s the friendly team at we are talking about!

Searching for student accommodation Plymouth

There’s no doubt the rent price will be a factor when searching for student accommodation Plymouth and one recent report from real estate firm Knight Frank highlight that most students are worried about the cost of accommodation.

A lot depends on the type of property you want to live in while you complete your studies with large student houses offering a cheaper cost of living.

However, you may also be looking to live in a spacious two-bedroom flat with a friend and in Plymouth all types of student properties are available.

The rent prices will vary depending on where you live; the most popular student areas close to the University campus are dearer than those homes that are further away from these student hubs.

While you could save money on rent, it’s worth bearing in mind that most of your friends will be living close to the campus and it’s in these areas where most of your student activities will take place.

Search for student lets Plymouth

There’s also no best time to begin your search for student lets Plymouth, so if you are a first-year student, there’s no need to rush when everybody else believes that the best student properties will be snapped-up before Christmas.

That’s not always the case since quality private student accommodation in Plymouth is available throughout the year.

The best way of finding and then arranging to visit them is to speak with the team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

You also need a quick checklist and a camera and take the photographs so you can remember which of the properties you like most and the reasons why.

It’s also important if you are going to share a student home in Plymouth that everyone who plans to live there visits at the same time, so you all agree on renting a home that you like. After you sign the contract, it’s too late to have a conversation with someone who did not visit and does not like the property.

There will be other questions that you may have about moving to the area and finding somewhere to live as a student, but to find the best Plymouth student accommodation you need to speak with the experts at

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