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Need Quality Student Lets in Plymouth

Living with your mates in student lets while studying at University should be fun. Silly chats at 3am around the kitchen table, sharing dissertation deadline worries and having sofa, snacks and box-set buddies always nearby.

This quick guide will help you pick a great property from the student housing Plymouth has to offer. The rules? Don’t sign for the first house you view and take the time to make sure the house will be a safe, healthy and happy place to live, party and study in.

Student lets in Plymouth checklist – what to look for


If you see damp or mould AVOID the property. Damp looks and smells icky, if it touches your clothes and furniture it can damage them and worst of all can create and irritate serious health issues such as asthma or allergies.


It makes us itch just thinking about it but search for slug trails, droppings, traps and listen for scurrying and scratching. When viewing you are perfectly entitled to look in cupboards and around the bins for signs of infestation.


Think carefully about where the properties you view are in relation to your Uni, public transport, shops and amenities such as a park or doctor’s surgery.

Think about the safety of the area too. If you’ll feel scared to walk alone from the bus stop to your front door due to the crime rate, this is not the place for you.


Check for leaks around the bath, sink, shower and appliances. Flush the toilets and run taps to discover any water pressure or plumbing problems the landlord may purposefully not be mentioning.


Crimes such as burglary and theft are often reported by students. The windows and doors of all student flats Plymouth University recommends should be secure and fitted with robust locks. Ask the letting agent or landlord about the installation of a burglar alarm, fire extinguisher or fire blanket if they are not already in place.

Quality and the amount or white goods and furniture

There should be enough food storage, cooking capacity, seating, personal storage, study space and washing facilities for the number of tenants in the property.

Check the standard of cables and plugs attached to appliances (a dodgy wire is very dangerous!) and check furniture such as the sofa and table are fit for purpose.

Go through the inventory and what you are paying for before signing the contract.

Heating and insulation

Ask about draughts, the heating system and how well the windows, doors and loft are insulated. You don’t want to be cold and paying for heating that is simply escaping through gaps in the window frames.

Remember – don’t be afraid to ask questions! Of the landlord, of the letting agents and, most importantly, the existing tenants.

For any other help or advice, then you should contact the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

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