Student Houses in Plymouth

Looking for Student Houses in Plymouth?

Knowing when to start looking for quality student houses in Plymouth is key to finding the best ones.

Having said that, it’s important that students do not feel rushed or pressured into signing up for the first home they find.

Thankfully, Plymouth has several areas with quality student accommodation and some students may begin their search by October or November in time for the next academic year.

There isn’t really a set time for students to begin their search and there are lots of properties available so there’s no rush to secure the best or biggest student accommodation.

Even though some student towns and cities will have a specific date when letting agents will release their lists of available student properties, these areas will have lots of choice for several months afterward.

Most Plymouth student housing is home to four people

However, it is a good idea to begin thinking about who would make for suitable housemates as early as possible; most Plymouth student housing is home to four people but there are larger properties available.

The most important issue to consider is whether these housemates will be fun to live with for a full year since the students will be making a commitment to rent the property together.

The next issue is to consider where to live in Plymouth and while there are traditional student areas with quality homes available, some may decide to live in non-traditional areas.

However, one of the best reasons for traditional student areas is that they have the amenities and facilities geared up for a student population and are generally close to the University campus.

Student accommodation in Plymouth

The one downside for having a heavily populated area of student accommodation in Plymouth is that crime, particularly burglaries tend to be higher with lots of gadgets and laptops available to tempt thieves.

Most of this crime is down to carelessness with students leaving doors unlocked and windows open when they leave their home.

Once the students decided who they want to live with, it is time to put together a list of potential homes and even speak with experts who understand the market and what is on offer, such as the team at

That’s because they and their landlords will have properties available for visits and it’s a good idea to inspect them when the current tenants will be available to answer questions such as how much the bills are, what the landlord is like and what the neighbours are like as well.


Essentially, for more help and information when it comes to looking for student houses in Plymouth it will pay to contact the experts to find out what’s available and enjoy quality accommodation which means speaking with the helpful team at

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