Plymouth Student Flats

Everything You Need To Know About Plymouth Student Flats

There’s a big demand for Plymouth student flats and most of it is located close to the University of Plymouth’s campus.

The student accommodation is generally of a high standard and landlords are competing for tenants so there is a wide provision of white goods such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines which are now becoming a standard feature.

Other landlords are offering other incentives to sign up including satellite television and other mod cons.

Students heading to Plymouth for their studies should look for landlords to provide beds, a wardrobe as well as a desk and chair in each bedroom for those who are sharing a property.

The communal areas also need to be spacious and many flats for students will have a kettle, microwave, and a toaster to make everyday living a little bit easier.

Student flats to rent in Plymouth

However, for those who are moving into student flats to rent in Plymouth, they will generally need to bring their own cutlery, crockery, and other personal items.

The property students who will be attending the University of Plymouth, most of the student homes are within walking distance of the campus or will be on popular bus routes – as are other education establishments including colleges and Marjons (Plymouth Marjon University).

For those students who will be bringing a car to Plymouth and are hoping to find a property with a parking space, then they need to appreciate that these are hard to find and there’s probably no need for owning a car where everything student-related is easy to reach.

Option of renting student rooms Plymouth

Some students will also prefer the option of renting student rooms Plymouth which may mean sharing a large property or even sharing with a family that takes in students for their studies. For some people, this is a sound option, particularly for overseas students.

Plymouth has lots of variety in its student accommodation provision including houses and flats and rooms to rent.

While many students in the city will look to organise their next year’s accommodation as soon as possible, or even remain in their current property, there is no real rush since there is a steady supply of quality student accommodation available throughout the year – although demand is high and it’s always worthwhile speaking with those who understand how the market for student homes works.


This will mean speaking with the experts at Student Houses in Plymouth who will be able to answer questions including those about Plymouth student flats as well as houses for rent.

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