Plymouth Student Flats

9 Tips for Finding Plymouth Student Flats

When it comes to finding Plymouth student flats to rent, these tips will help.

Not everyone wants to live in a large student house in this popular city and for some, moving into a flat makes perfect sense.

As with a house, you will be renting a property with a tenancy agreement and it is always a good idea to get contents insurance.

There’s a wide range of university accommodation available in Plymouth and all will require a tenancy deposit of one month’s rent.

Once you have decided on the type of accommodation you want, and who you want to live with, don’t be afraid of asking to view the properties at least once.

Plymouth student flats to rent

Finding Plymouth student flats to rent is easy when you contact the friendly team at

Not only will you be dealing with a team with years of experience, but you will also be able to access a list of student accommodation properties they have available.

Those tips for finding student flats Plymouth include:

  • Work out how much you can afford to pay in rent – calculate also your living expenses
  • Check with Plymouth student lettings agencies, including studenthomesinplymouth, to find out which flats they have available
  • Arrange to visit the property to make sure you, and whoever you are sharing with, like it
  • Ensure the property’s location is close to the university campus or be prepared to travel
  • Check and doublecheck the safety and security of the property – student homes are prime targets for burglars
  • Ask the landlord or letting agent which white goods and electrical appliances will be supplied
  • Ask which fittings and furnishings come with the property
  • Switch on taps and electric sockets to make sure everything works
  • Ask the current tenants how much they pay in energy bills – you don’t want to get landed with a big heating bill in a cold winter!

Essentially, with these tips you will find student flats to rent that you will not only like but will be in a location with other students and close to the University.

Student rooms in Plymouth

And it’s not just student flats that are attracting students, you may simply be needing student rooms in Plymouth and there’s a wide range available.

These rooms may be in a family home and they are renting a room out to students, but you may also find student houses with a spare room keen to find a new tenant.

If you would like more help to discuss your needs when looking for Plymouth student flats to rent, then it’s time to speak with the experts at

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