Student Accommodation in Plymouth

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Student Accommodation in Plymouth

Moving to a new city for your university studies is a big move and these tips will help you enjoy your new student accommodation in Plymouth.

Here at Student Homes in Plymouth, we have years of experience in helping students new to the city, and also those who are looking for their second- and third-year student homes.

Whatever your needs are, we can help with supplying quality student property of all types – from one-bedroom flats, to much larger student houses.

However, it’s important that all students ensure that their new accommodation not only meets their requirements, but it is also a place where they will enjoy living.

These are three tips that will be crucial to ensure your Plymouth student accommodation brings only fond memories.

  • 1 Study your tenancy agreement

It’s easily done, you’re excited about finding a great place to live with your mates but you still need to look at the tenancy agreement.

This is an important legal document and it’s a binding contract between the tenants and the property’s owner.

It’s up to you to know what’s in the contract when you sign it so you understand what your rights are. You can also ask the friendly Student Homes in Plymouth team for advice about anything you don’t understand.

  • 2 Know where your deposit is

Moving into a student property in Plymouth means having to pay a tenancy deposit.

It’s now the law that this deposit must be placed for safekeeping with a recognised third party and that the landlord must inform you where this is.

This scheme enables students to claim their deposit in full when their tenancy ends – unless they cause damage and the landlord can make a claim on it.

Just as a word of advice: Should your landlord not tell you where they have saved your deposit, they face a fixed penalty of up to three times the deposit amount.

  • 3 Check the check-in report

Really, the subtitle here should be to ‘Check the check-in report – and then check it again’ to ensure that the cleanliness and condition of your student property is properly recorded.

Again, should there be a dispute when your tenancy ends, it’s this document that could prove crucial to proving that you’ve done nothing wrong.

The check-in report will be taken when you move in, and again when you move out.

You should not sign the check-in report as being a true record of the property’s condition without first checking the condition of the property.

You can even take photographs for your own records and query anything in the check-in – or inventory – report you disagree with.

Finding quality student lets in Plymouth

When it comes to finding quality student lets in Plymouth, there’s a lot of accommodation around and competition between landlords is keen, so it’s always worth shopping around to find the property that you and your housemates will enjoy.

For more help and advice about enjoying your student accommodation in Plymouth, you can always get in touch with the friendly Student Homes in Plymouth team.

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