Our Tips To Finding Student Homes In Plymouth

Our Tips To Finding Student Homes In Plymouth

Whether you are a first-year or second-year student, these tips to finding student homes in Plymouth will help.

Usually, first-year students will live in halls provided by the University, but this may not suit everyone.

So they, and students in their second and third years will be looking for quality student properties in the city to enjoy their studies and build friendships that may last a lifetime.

Here, the Student Homes in Plymouth team offer some tips to help you find quality student properties in Plymouth for meeting your needs.

Decide on your living preferences

The first thing you will need to decide is who you are going to live with and where you want to live.

This means you will either be choosing student flats for rent for one or two people, or in a large student house.

Plymouth offers a wide range of student properties, and you need to choose carefully who you are going to be living with since you will all need to get on and enjoy the property.

Also, when looking at student houses to let in Plymouth, you should focus your attention on those areas that are popular with students such as Greenbank, Lipson and Mutley.

Paying the student property’s rent

Don’t just opt to rent the first student property in Plymouth you come across, but take time to find a home that you will all enjoy living in.

You will need to calculate how much you can all afford to pay in rent which will then help focus on where you want to live in Plymouth, and the size of property that meets your budget.

When making this calculation, don’t forget to add in the utility bills such as the electricity and gas, as well as food and items for the property such as washing up liquid and the all-important teabags!

Check your student tenancy agreement

Having found a property in Plymouth with friends you want to share with, you really should check the tenancy agreement.

Not only is this a legal contract, but some student accommodation providers offer different contract lengths of either 44 or 45 weeks, and some offer 41 weeks.

What your rent includes

While purpose-built student accommodation in Plymouth is an increasingly popular choice, it’s also more expensive and you need to check what the rent covers.

This may include a laundry, gym access and security, whereas private student properties in Plymouth will be much cheaper and offer a home-from-home experience.

Experts at Student Homes in Plymouth

Essentially, if you need to find student accommodation in Plymouth then it’s a good opportunity to speak with the experts at Student Homes in Plymouth who have years of experience in helping students find great homes and enjoy their time living there.

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