Best Student Homes in Plymouth

How to Find the Best Student Homes in Plymouth

The prices for renting student property vary, as they do in every university located in the UK, but it helps to speak with the experts when it comes to finding the best student homes in Plymouth.

That’s because the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth have a wide selection available and impressive testimonials about their service from happy clients as well.

So, whether you are attending Plymouth University, the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth College of Art or City College Plymouth, there is a wide variety of choice from studio flats for one person to houses accommodating up to 10 people, should you want to do so.

Student flats for rent in Plymouth

Indeed, when it comes to looking for student flats for rent in Plymouth, there are some great deals to be had.

For instance, prices for a studio flat, which is usually only suitable for one person, cost from £95 to £140 per week.

Others may want a one bedroom flat which is suitable for a couple or an individual who wants the space and these can cost up to £150 per week while a large ensuite room in a shared student house will cost between £90 and £105.

Smaller rooms in a shared property will cost between £55 and £70 and for those who are living away from home for the first time, then they should budget extra for their bills – usually £10 per person every week will help ensure that their gas, electricity and water bills are met.

That’s without considering additional costs such as buying food and groceries and going out to enjoy what Plymouth has to offer.

Tips for student houses to let

For those students looking for student houses to let in Plymouth for the first time, then the following tips may help:

  • You will get to decide who you live with
  • There’s a wide choice of different living options so flexibility is key
  • Ensure you live close to the campus so getting to lectures is easy
  • Check the property thoroughly first before moving in
  • Don’t be shy about asking the landlord or letting agent questions
  • If possible speak with the current tenants about potential problems.

It should also be appreciated that visiting a potential student property in Plymouth is important because everyone living there will need to see it and want to live there to avoid future arguments.

It’s also important to take pictures when being shown around so the students will remember which property they like, and, more importantly, those properties they do not like. Also, remember to take notes when being shown round about the property’s pros and cons.


For more help and information about finding quality student houses Plymouth, then speak with the experts at Student Homes in Plymouth.

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