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How To Find Quality Student Lets In Plymouth

With 35,000 students making the city their home, finding quality student lets in Plymouth would lead many people to think that finding a student home would be a difficult task.

However, that isn’t the case when using the professional services of Student Homes in Plymouth since we have lots of properties of varying types available and students get to enjoy a quality and friendly service from an established company.

There are two good universities in Plymouth, the University of Plymouth and the University of St Mark and St John, so there is a wide range of courses to choose from and also a good range of student accommodation as well.

Student housing Plymouth is close to the University

Most student housing Plymouth is located close to the big university campus and there’s a lot to recommend the area to students moving here.

Also, the city centre offers students a wide choice of shops, restaurants, and pubs and also job opportunities. Plymouth is also relatively easy to navigate around and is a popular choice since the low crime rate makes it a safe city for students to live in.

There are lots of landlords providing student housing, whether that’s a house or a flatshare, and there are plenty of rooms to rent for students too

Looking for student flats Plymouth

Indeed, for those looking for student flats Plymouth, then it’s best to speak with the experts to find out what you should and should not be looking for and also the location of the property will be important.

For example, there’s no point opting to share a flat which may be in an unsuitable block that’s nowhere near to where your lectures are being held.

And if you are a new student to Plymouth, or whether you’re from overseas or even looking for a new student property in the city, then it’s always worthwhile contacting the team at Student Homes in Plymouth to see what we have on offer – we have nearly 30 years of experience in delivering quality student homes and have a long list of testimonials to prove it!

Plymouth student property leaders

It’s this level of friendliness and professionalism that makes us one of the Plymouth student property leaders and we are always pleased to help clients and potential clients alike.

For more help and advice about how to find quality student lets in Plymouth, then contact us today to see what we have available and the types of student properties that will become available in future.

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