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Find Quality Student Housing Plymouth

For anyone looking for quality student housing Plymouth then the search is easier than in many parts of the UK and it helps that there are property experts available as well.

This article will highlight tips and advice about how to find quality private student accommodation in the area so the students can enjoy their time living there.

The first issue to highlight is that the common perception that student housing is grotty and unliveable is no longer true; the quality of student accommodation provided today is of a good standard.

This may come as a disappointment to a student’s parents who will remember how poor their student digs often were.

The next important issue is to find housemates or flatmates that are going to be reliable and will not decide to move out leaving the other students to pay their share of the rent.

For instance, while someone may be the life and soul of the party while living in student residential halls; this may not be the person you want to share a house with when you are studying for exams.

Sharing student flats Plymouth

Student Flats PlymouthIt’s also important for the students who have agreed to share a home to agree on what type of property they are looking for – this also extends to those who are sharing student flats Plymouth too.

This means having to consider whether they want a student house in Plymouth or a flat and whether they want space for bikes or whether they want double beds in every bedroom, for instance.

Also, when making arrangements to view a student property it is a good idea to speak with the current tenants to see whether there are any issues with the property itself and whether the landlord is good.

By this, we mean does the landlord respond quickly to repair requests and does he take an interest in the property itself?

The student should also ask how much the property costs to keep warm in winter and what the neighbours are like.

Type of student lets in Plymouth

Once the group of students has decided on which type of student lets in Plymouth they like, and there’s an excellent selection, then someone will need to organise the paying of bills every month.

However, there are a number of issues that all of the group needs to decide upon.

Firstly, they will need to decide whose names are going on which bills but it’s a good idea to put all of the names on the bills so the students are equally responsible for paying them.

The students should also ensure an inventory is taken of the property when moving in and they should take photographs for when they move out and the landlord says they have caused damage when they have not.

Also, the students should ensure that their deposit is kept safely, it must by law be kept with a recognised deposit protection scheme, and they must be told where it is being held.

More help and advice about finding quality student housing Plymouth, then contact the experts at Student Homes in Plymouth.

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