4 Tips to Find the Best Plymouth Student Flats

4 Tips to Find the Best Plymouth Student Flats

Heading to university is a big step for most young people and these tips to find the best Plymouth student flats will be of huge help.

And while this move to University will be the first time that most people will have left their parents’ home to find a place of their own, finding somewhere to rent is not such a daunting prospect.

That is certainly the case if you use the experts who understand the market, which means contacting the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

To help reduce the stress when home-hunting, these are our top tips for finding quality student accommodation in Plymouth.

Location, location, location

It’s a well-worn mantra that once you know which university you will be attending, then you’ll need to get to know the area.

You will find that most large university cities and towns will have areas that are popular with students – and Plymouth is no different – so you will need to research which part of these areas will suit you the most.

Research rent prices

As part of your research, you’ll need to understand what the rents are for quality student homes and ensure that your student loan and finances will meet this.

Along with paying rent, you will also have other overheads such as buying food and paying for the utilities such as the gas and electricity.

Student halls or private student housing?

One of the big decisions will be whether you should move into private student housing from the beginning or opt to live in university-provided halls.

Most first year students will choose halls because they offer a safe and welcoming environment in what can be a confusing and stressful time.

However, some students will choose to live in private accommodation for their first year, particularly if there are not enough beds in halls available, which means you may need to consider how you will go about finding quality student flats to rent in Plymouth.

Find someone to live with

One of the big issues before you even look at moving into private student accommodation in Plymouth is to find people to live with.

Do not necessarily opt for the noisiest and outgoing people on your course but build friendship groups and ask if anyone would like to share a home with you.

This is a tad more difficult for those students who decide not to live in halls from the beginning, but you could consider student rooms in Plymouth to rent instead.

This may mean living with other students in a student property or living with a family in their home. Whatever suits your purpose and budget, Plymouth has the student property for you.

As mentioned, moving to university can be a confusing and stressful time, so it’s helpful that there’s a team of friendly experts at Student Homes in Plymouth who will help you find the best Plymouth student flats or houses for meeting your needs and budget.

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