3 Tips You Need for Student Lets In Plymouth

3 Tips You Need for Student Lets In Plymouth

If you want to find a quality home and avoid falling into a costly rental trap, then you need these three tips for student lets in Plymouth.

These will prove to be useful because one national student survey about accommodation found that half of the students believed that their university home was of poor value for money.

This brings us to our first tip.

Do not join the house hunting frenzy and take your time to look at student properties properly.

Student accommodation in Plymouth

When it comes to choosing student accommodation in Plymouth, there are a lot of properties on offer, but you don’t have to join the search for a property when everyone else does.

Instead, it’s important that you find some great friends to live with, decide on how much you can afford, and then take the time to find somewhere to live.

The friendly Student Homes in Plymouth team can help you achieve this quickly and arrange visits.

Once you have made an appointment to view a property, we need to discuss our second tip.

Plymouth student accommodation

And it is this – it’s important that when visiting Plymouth student accommodation for the first time you have a checklist to hand.

You’ll need to check the internal condition of the living areas carefully, including the kitchen, the bathroom, and bedrooms.

Also, switch on any white goods and appliances to make sure they work and check that the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers (if your potential home has them) work also.

Do not be shy about turning on taps to ensure there’s plenty of pressure and check for signs of mould.

The best tip when searching for a student home is to ask the people who live there what they like about the property and will they recommend it to you!

Plymouth student property

Our third important tip for Plymouth student property uses a well-known mantra.

And that mantra is ‘Location, location, location’.

Be aware that student properties close to the campus will be more expensive than those student homes that are further away.

While you may be saving a few quid in rent, you’ll need to factor in the cost of using public transport to get to lectures.

The other important issue about the location is that you need to be where the student activities take place, whether that’s the students’ union bar for cheap beer nights, or for student-friendly pubs and restaurants.

Whatever your needs are, and if you have questions about student lets in Plymouth, then it’s time to speak with the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth.

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