Student Houses in Plymouth

The Best Tips When Looking for Student Houses in Plymouth

If you are looking for student houses in Plymouth, it will pay to be prepared rather than falling into a costly trap when renting a poor quality property.

Thankfully, if you use the housing experts at Student Homes in Plymouth, you will avoid moving into a property that may deliver a nasty surprise and avoid being tied into a rental contract that may be difficult to break.

However, it’s important that you resist the house hunting frenzy that other students will undergo to view properties before anyone else.

This means you should take your time and view a potential student home properly so you make an informed decision so that all of your housemates will want to live there.

There’s a lot to consider when viewing properties from how close it is to the university campus, to nearby bus stops and how much the deposit will be. This is our quick guide to make your life easier when viewing student homes.

Plymouth Student Houses

When looking at Plymouth student housing, you should consider:

  • Work out how much you and your housemates can afford to pay in rent
  • This will then dictate the student properties that you should be looking at
  • Visit the Union’s housing officer and find out more about student landlords and letting agencies in Plymouth
  • Arrange a time to view a property that is convenient for everyone
  • Take photos so you can remember which student homes in Plymouth you like.

Student accommodation in Plymouth

This issue of taking photos of student accommodation in Plymouth is important and you’ll also need to consider:

  • The student property’s location – is it close to public transport or walkable to the campus?
  • The condition, including whether there’s damp and you should turn on the taps and the heating
  • Security – it’s important you have a burglar alarm since burglars target student homes
  • Electrical appliances – check what the landlord is offering such as a fridge and don’t be shy about checking that they work.

Finally, you really should check the tenancy agreement that you will sign and also the inventory which will detail the condition of the student houses and what is contained within it. If there are any issues, highlight them before you sign. There’s no doubt that when looking for student houses in Plymouth that this can be a complex process, but by speaking with the friendly team at Student Homes in Plymouth, you will have access to an experienced team offering quality homes – so contact them today!

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