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The BEST Tips to Find Plymouth Student Lets

As an increasingly popular destination for students from the UK and overseas, these are the best tips to find Plymouth student lets for your studies.

While most students will enjoy their first year in university-provided halls, they will need to find somewhere to live for their second and third year, which means teaming up with friends and sharing a house.

But how do you find these quality student properties when so many students are chasing them?

For many students, and this may include you and your family, you may begin to worry and feel overwhelmed about this prospect of finding Plymouth University accommodation and then move in.

Essentially, the most important tip to find quality Plymouth student lets, whether you are looking for a house or flat, is to speak with the experienced team at

Quality student housing Plymouth available

However, with lots of quality student housing Plymouth available, you may need these tips to find somewhere to live:

  • Decide on who you are going to live with and don’t just opt for those who think you think will be good fun
  • You need to get on as housemates so you should get to know each other
  • You all need to visit potential Plymouth student accommodation and agree to move in
  • Take photographs so you can remember each house or flat that you visit.

It’s also worth considering having a cleaning schedule which is common sense, so everyone does their fair share – and this will (believe us!) help prevent arguments over whose turn it is to do the washing up.

Demand for student flats Plymouth

While most students will be looking at homes with four, five or even more bedrooms in a house, there’s also demand for student flats Plymouth, whether that’s with one or two bedrooms.

Whatever your private student accommodation in Plymouth needs are for your stay, there will be a house or flat available at a price to suit your budget.

Also, don’t panic about a belief that as soon as you start your first year that you need to organise yourself for your second year’s accommodation.

There’s plenty of time and the first step is to find somewhere where you all really want to live rather than compromising, which could lead to problems further down the line.

For more help and information when you want to find quality Plymouth student lets, then you need to speak with the team at

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